Let's Play!

As a mom of two very busy boys, play is just what we do – every day – you know, repeatedly. And it makes me beam, inside, because I love that it’s that simple – that they just need to play and that they have this impossible energy for drawing, or building towers, or planting a garden, or just pretending at being their favourite superhero. When it comes to “let’s play” the answer has to be “absolutely!”

With our world so vastly different from when I grew up, I want them to be as curious about the world and have as many meaningful experiences so that they learn and grow in ways that only play enables. It’s how they’re figuring out who they are and I love how we’re able to do it together.

I am no expert, just a mom who knows what a challenge it is to find really good toys – the kind that outlive “I’m bored” – the heirlooms built to last. I want my boys to have something special, and that, I think, is the experience that goes beyond the toy. A great toy takes you on this imaginary journey of discovery. Don’t you remember? Wasn’t there a favourite that made you feel like you could do anything – be anything?
So, here is Smarticle – a small yet thoughtfully curated collection of unique, good quality toys sourced from around the world. We don’t want to overwhelm you with “all-you-can-get” – we want to inspire you. Whether you’re looking for something different for your children, grandchildren or friends – we’re inviting you to explore, get creative, get smart, get messy or, just play, with Smarticle!

Why not sign our playbook – that way you’ll be the first to know what curious adventures we’ve been on and what new designer toys we’re adding to our collection. We’re never too busy or too old to play!

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