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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smarticle?

Smarticle is an online store which exists simply to help you make the “right” toy choices for little ones. So what’s right? We think that they’re the kind of toys available at Smarticle, a select number of toys that help children have fun, grow and learn whilst still being good for the planet. 

We’ve seen and considered literally thousands of products. What you see available is what we consider as a selection of some of the best toys on the market that our Expert panel have evaluated just for you. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the toys just as much as we like selling them.

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Who are the people behind Smarticle?

We’re a group of people that are passionate about childrens’ development and the environment. We think that the world is moving to a digital age which is putting more control and convenience into the hands of shoppers.

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Are my credit card details safe?

Sure. Internet transactions are daunting at the best of times. These transactions take place on a secure web page and we don’t store any credit card details. Every care has been taken to ensure each and every transaction is as secure as possible so that you’ll come back time and again.

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How long will my order take to arrive?

We’ve partnered with a great courier company that should see your package be with you in about three business days.

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How often do you get new products?

We’re continuously scanning for the latest and greatest toys for our customers. We have a panel of experts that observe toys in action on a day to day basis and keep a check on what is working and where there are gaps. We make a habit of attending some of the key toy trade shows to allow us to speak to manufacturers, understand their plans and see how they align to what our customers are seeking from us.

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Do you have a newsletter?

Most definitely. Click here to view our latest newsletter. However, if you would like us to add you to our newsletter mailing list, click here. So what can you expect? You’ll find more detailed reviews of selected products and some insights into the use of toys for play.

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What do I do if I receive the wrong thing or don't receive my package at all?

We’ll check in with you on how things didn’t go as planned and correct it immediately.

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Is there a warranty on the products?

Best to get hold of us directly. In many cases manufacturers want to understand how their product has been used.

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Do you sell gift vouchers?

This is something that we’re working on. We think that the selection that you make will be well received, however watch this space, hopefully available shortly!

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Can I send a gift to someone from the Smarticle store?

Sure. Once you’ve got to the check-out, there is an area to complete the delivery address. Just complete the address where you would like us to send the gift and let us know if you’d like us to include a personalised card when we deliver it to them.

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