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What we’re about... we like to think smartly

Smarticle is an online retail network that offers a boutique range of educational products hand-picked as the best examples of green design.

We’ve sourced from around the world toys that meet our standards for innovative design, sustainable production and developmental tooling – just the thing for building smart little minds.

We aim to inspire a smarter attitude by becoming the leading source of eco educational merchandise for young people in Southern Africa through our innovative approach to retail. 

. . .smart toys

Our range has been carefully selected to include the kind of smart toys that will not only activate imagination and creativity but develop a lifelong attitude to learning and engender a respect for the world in which we live.

. . .smart shopping 

We endeavour to not only source the best merchandise but to make the shopping experience convenient and fun. To help you with your shopping we have brought together a team of child development experts who will provide advice and recommendations ensuring you select the most suitable toy for your child

We’re only on the Internet because a site is accessible to all, it’s simple, practical (no need to take the car) and it’s never closed.

We’re all about being smart and we hope you’ll join us in our toy revolution to build smart little minds and a smarter planet.

By the way, if you also have any smart ideas, don’t hesitate in sharing them with us!


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