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Categories Construction, building sets and blocks , Arts and Crafts , 8 - 10 years , 5 - 7 years
Brands Makedo

Product Description


Turn boxes, containers and other household packaging into your own corner store.

Introduce children to the idea of using found materials as the building blocks for their creativity – see them transform cardboard boxes and containers into a Shop where they can sell items to friends and family.

Find & Make Shop includes Makedo’s plastic Safe-saw for punching holes and cutting cardboard safely, Re-clips and Lock-hinges to connect materials together quickly and easily, gorgeous stickers for decorating, and easy to follow instructions.

Makedo parts are reusable, so next time create a different Shop for hours and hours of fun.
Contents: 57 reusable pieces - 26 pins, 26 clips, 4 lock hinges, 1 safe saw and 3 shop decorating sticker sheets. Guided instructions and an inspirational poster to kick start the imagination and creativity are also included!
Approximate building time: 1hour.

Age Suitability: For ages 5 and up. (Warning: Choking hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years).

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Why we love it

Makedo nurtures a child’s imagination, develops their creative thinking skills and encourages role-play as children set up Shop in the creation they’ve proudly made.

Product Features
Fine Motor
Fine Motor
Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Family bonding time
Family bonding time
Fine Motor Fine Motor
This product encourages the development and strengthening of all the small muscles in the body to control and coordinate smaller movements by the fingers, hands, wrists, feet, toes, lips and tongue for example picking up small objects with a pincer grip, using, crayons and paintbrushes, building blocks, blowing bubbles, eating and speaking correctly.
Creativity Creativity
This product is especially good for encouraging a child to use their imagination to problem solve by experimenting with numerous possibilities and ideas to find the best solution. Children learn about the world around them and how to be innovative when they experiment creatively with the various toys and materials they are exposed to. This can help children learn about making decisions and developing a sense of self.
Imagination Imagination
Creativity and problem solving both require a healthy imagination and this product is ideal for getting your child to use their imagination. Children who are provided with the opportunity to use their imaginations are shown to perform better with cognitive tasks proving that imaginary play is crucial to optimal development.
Problem Solving Problem Solving
This product stimulates the use of creativity and imagination that helps your child find the best solutions to challenges and puzzles they encounter and then to implement those solutions successfully.
Family bonding time Family bonding time
Bonding time with the family is very important and this product is an ideal way to promote family bonding and ensure a fun time with your children. This will also help to strengthen family relationships outside of the daily routine and responsibilities.

This toy contains small parts which are a choking hazard and is therefore not suitable for children under 3 years.

The idea behind Makedo is to inspire change through play and altering the perceived value of materials. Designed for disassembly then reuse, this allows parts to eventually be recycled.

Makedo products have won several toy and design awards, including the 2011 Creative Toy Awards product of the year; 2010 Dr Toy Award for best green product, and the Good Design award.

Makedo parts are made of nylon 6,6 which has been selected for its flexibility & strength, thus allowing for extended reuse of the product. Makedo provide a take-back service (they feed back into the production cycle) as this plastic is not yet recycled in most council facilities.

100% recycled paper is used for all paper packaging. Degradable PE is used for all polybags. Production is carbon neutral. In the factory where Makedo is made, they use energy saving globes, source recycled paper for all office uses, recycles its rubbish and sets its air conditioner to 25.5 degrees in summer!

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