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Categories Wooden Toys , 8 - 10 years , 5 - 7 years , 2 - 4 years , Active play and outdoor fun
Brands Hape

Product Description


Travel, tip and load - that's the plan of action for this unique dump truck. This truck runs on imagination.....no emissions, only natural fun! Its rugged, modern design combined with durable bamboo body will be able to cart and load for hours of construction play.

Age suitability: For ages 3 and up.

Dimensions: 23.1cm x 16cm x 16.3cm

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Delivery time 2-3 days

Why we love it

We love how the truck can bring out new fun with other toys. Allow your child's imagination to run wild whilst they transport smaller toys in the back of their E-Truck.

Product Features
Single player
Single player
Country of origin
Touch Touch
This product is especially good at stimulating a child's sense of touch. The entire body is involved in the sense of touch. Touch receptors in the body allow your child to explore and make sense of their world. Through touch your child determines the texture, weight, shape and size of objects. Internal touch receptors also help your child to gather information about how their bodies move and different body positions.
Movement Movement
This product encourages movement in play and a variety of movement is essential to develop fine and gross motor skills. Movement also develops the vestibular system located in your child's ears, this part of the sensory system is largely responsible for balance, posture and coordinated movement through space. Movement is also important for ensuring a healthy body and for developing and strengthening muscles.
Imagination Imagination
Creativity and problem solving both require a healthy imagination and this product is ideal for getting your child to use their imagination. Children who are provided with the opportunity to use their imaginations are shown to perform better with cognitive tasks proving that imaginary play is crucial to optimal development.
Single player Single player
This product encourages a child to play and problem solve by themselves. This helps to develop a sense of autonomy and self-confidence in one's own abilities.
China Country of origin
This product is manufactured in China, and as such is produced under the laws and regulations of China.
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly
This product is produced in such a way as to create minimal or no harm to the environment. This may include the use of biodegradable packaging, recycled materials, FSC certified wood products, nontoxic dyes and low-impact manufacturing and distribution. In addition, many of the companies with this designation will be classified as Green Businesses through their every day practices, from reducing office paper waste to contributing to environmental programs.

This product has small parts which are a choking hazard so should not be used by children under 3 years old. All paint used on the Hape toys are water-based and completely non-toxic. All Hape products comply with EN71 and ASTM quality standards.

This toy is part of Hape’s Bamboo Collection which contains fun and exciting eco-friendly toys made from bamboo – a sustainable, economical, and earth-friendly raw material. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass which only needs to be cut and not replanted and regrows within three years. Bamboo plays an important contribution to the preservation of the environmental balance and to our ecological future.

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