The Fantastic Forest

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Categories Games and puzzles , 8 - 10 years , 5 - 7 years , 2 - 4 years
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The forest animals team up to save their friend, Marvelin the Wizard, because Queen Meanie has cast a spell on him.

Game objective: Put your heads together, memorize the recipe for the magic potion which will save the old magician, then search through the enchanted forest to find all the necessary ingredients. The rabbit quickly gathers thistle and poppy, the owl grabs the hazelnuts and the frog looks for reeds and crocodile tears! But be careful – everything must cook in the cauldron before sunset, or else it will be too late! The Fantastic Forest is a simple, co-operative game in a magical universe for dreamers large and small!

Game contents: 1 game board, 28 “Phosphorescent” recipes, 15 “Ingredient” tokens, 1 “Spell” token, 9 Character pawns, 1 wooden cauldron, 1 wooden dice, game rules.

Number of players: 2 - 6.

Approximate game time: 20 minutes.

Age suitability: For ages 4 and up.

Dimensions: Box size: 24.5cm x 24.5cm x 5cm

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Why we love it

The Fantastic Forest is a beautifully made game from recycled materials and it even has magical recipes that glow in the dark. We love that it's a co-operative game which encourages working together.

Product Features
Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Multiple player
Multiple player
Country of origin
Visual Visual
The visual system is a complex sensory system that develops throughout infancy and early childhood. This product helps your little one learn to track moving objects, focus, team eye movements, increase neuromuscular strength, develop eye-hand co-ordination as well as spatial and depth perception. The development of the visual system plays a vitally important role in many other areas of development.
Problem Solving Problem Solving
This product stimulates the use of creativity and imagination that helps your child find the best solutions to challenges and puzzles they encounter and then to implement those solutions successfully.
Social Social
This product encourages social play which helps children to interact and work with others cooperatively, as well as to develop certain important social emotions such as empathy and understanding. Social skills are essential for building relationships with other people, communicating effectively with others and learning to make a meaningful contribution to society. Social skills also form part of emotional intelligence.
Cognitive Cognitive
In the formative years a child's brain is primed for learning and development. When a child attempts to master new skills or tackles new challenges and then practices them they develop new neural pathways in their brain. This product challenges the brain and creates new and varied opportunities for learning and so aids in cognitive development that lays a solid foundation for future learning.
Multiple player Multiple player
This product encourages play with other children. This helps children to interact and work with others co-operatively, as well as to develop certain important social emotions such as empathy and understanding.
France Country of origin
This product is manufactured in France, and as such is produced under the laws and regulations of France.
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly
This product is produced in such a way as to create minimal or no harm to the environment. This may include the use of biodegradable packaging, recycled materials, FSC certified wood products, nontoxic dyes and low-impact manufacturing and distribution. In addition, many of the companies with this designation will be classified as Green Businesses through their every day practices, from reducing office paper waste to contributing to environmental programs.

Bioviva is the only game manufacturer to design products which are completely recycled, recyclable and printed using non-toxic vegetable inks.

Bioviva's games have been developed to encourage both the discovery of the wonders of Nature and the wish to preserve them. Sustainable development principles are integrated at each stage of product development. Every game is designed to fulfil several objectives, each founded upon the worth and respect of the individual and to promote the notions of sharing and exchange, foster an open mind and creativity, present the living world from an amusing and original angle and encourage respect for life in all its forms.

The information contained in every Bioviva game is presented in a fun way, but is also always completely accurate. Each game is the result of months of scientific research led by a talented team devoted to the environment.

Bioviva's creations depend on fundamental teaching and pleasure principles, independence and communication, to enable children to be as comfortable with their intellectual abilities as with their other talents.

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